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Teen Truth Live-Presentation on Bullying


 Photo From The Team Truth Live Website-Speaker JC Pohl
I haven't done a post in a while and that is going to change.  I'm off to a fresh new start for the year and have many ideas that I want to share.  But first, I have to comment about an assembly that was just featured at my school.  The presentation was called Teen Truth Live.  All I have to say is, "WOW!".  Of all my 15 years of teaching, I've never seen a more powerful presentation about bullying or any presentation that has impacted the students the way this one did.  This presentation is about how bullying has basically effected everyone at some point in the life.  This goes for adults too.  This assembly address how the impact of bullying can lead to students to take dramatic measures that result in terrible and life altering results.  For example, Columbine High School and the students who killed other students and teachers as a result of bullying.  This presentation focused on bullying and how it effects other students.  Real students were given cameras for a year and documented how bullying has effected them and gave real life examples through the footage they shot.  Footage of the horrible event of Columbine and the aftermath were shown.  The 911 call was played out where you hear the teacher on the phone to the 911 operator saying the shooter was outside the library.  Then you hear the gun shots.  The teacher tells of how the shooter enters the library and then all you hear is nothing.  Silence.  The operator speaks again and says several times, "Hello?  Hello?   Hello?".  No response.  I heard this and tears immediately came to my eyes.  This completely hit home to me being a teacher.  Wow.  That could've been me.  What if that is me some day?  Gosh, I hope I never ever have to be in that position ever in life and trust me out of all my years in the profession some unpredictable things have happened.

The presentation goes from the negative to the positive.  It tells of a story of a learning disabled student who all he wants to do is make the basketball team.  The student tries out and doesn't make it.  However, the coach asks him to be manager of the team and if he works hard maybe some day he might just make it.  I wish I could remember the name of this student.  Anyhow, this student works hard and makes the team his senior year.  The team is going to play the last game of the season that determines whether or not they continue in the playoffs.  All of the players asked if this student could play in the game.  The coach said, "I don't think so.  This is a playoff game."   Then the coach makes a deal with the player.  He said if they were to  get ahead by 15 points.  He would put that student in.  Last minute of the game.  The student goes in the game.  They receive the ball.  The teams members dribble it done the court and as they do the shot clock ticks down.  One team member hands the ball to the student.  Last 3 seconds of the game he shoots for a 3 pointer.  He makes it.  Football players rush the court and lift the student in the air and carry him around in a victory celebration.  It was an incredible story.  This story was broadcast everywhere.  Nationwide people heard this story.  

The presenter goes on to stress to the students and the audience that everyone can make the choice and decision every day to make a difference.  Making a difference every day even if it is small can have a huge impact.  This presentation got students thinking.  Got students thinking of how their actions whether big or small, mean or nice effect people.  Students and teachers were crying.  Students were hugging one another.  Dialogue took place afterwards about being bullied and how that made students feel.  Huge is all I can say.  This was huge.  I wish every school campus nationwide could hear this presentation.  With all of the societal pressures students undergo, it gets tougher and tougher for them each and everyday.   How can you make a difference today?  This is the question I will keep asking my students.  Thank you Teen Truth Live.  You made a difference with us.

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