Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dia De Los Muertos-Part II

I wanted to share some additional pictures of the more contemporary artwork found at the Day of the Dead celebration from last weekend.

This was an art piece at one of the altars of a young man who had passed away.  I don't know if he created it or someone else did in honor of him.  The detail was amazing.

These were skeletons were at least 10ft. tall.  They were in all different color in this one area.  

Here's a very large skeleton in green.

Here are some contemporary skeleton dolls and little ornaments that one of the vendors made.  

Coke can skeleton from one of the student exhibits on display.

Skeletons made by 8th and 9th grade students using clay and a method called sgraffito.

A lady and man skeleton made all out of rice by local students part of an after school program.  You can also see their sugar skulls (calavaras de azucar) they made too.

And this is my favorite piece.  Look at all of the detail and the time it must have taken to create this chair.  Hope you enjoyed all of the work from the celebration as I did.  What fun!