Friday, February 17, 2012

Dresser Remake- Part I

I'm so excited.  We received a dresser for free from the people down the street.  We didn't know them very well.  But, they ended up giving us this dresser.  I'm so excited about all of the possibilities.  My youngest daughter Lily is in desperate need of a dresser.  I have been putting off paying full price for a new dresser for sometime now.  I just couldn't do it.  So, I felt very fortunate to receive this dresser.

Here is the dresser.  Wow!  It needs a lot of help and a lot of TLC.

You can see all of the damage that has been done to the dresser.  There are scratches, water marks, and writing that is set deep into the wood of the dresser.

You can see that this dresser has a white wash finish.  It also has several stickers on it.  This is just one of the stickers or what is left of it.

We started by removing all of the drawers.  We removed all of the knobs off the front of the drawers too.  Next, all of the hardware was removed from inside of the dresser.

Lily wanted to participate in the action.  Don't worry we quickly removed the screw driver from her hand.  

Stay tuned for an upcoming post on the progress of the dresser.  Great things are happening.

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