Monday, February 20, 2012

Modern Tape Art Tutorial

I have to back post this tutorial.  But, I absolutely loved how this project turned out and had to share it with everyone.  You too could have modern art created by yourself or your child with ZGallery looks or the look of the Guggenheim for a very low, low cost.

This artwork was created by my daughter Emma when she was just 6 1/2.  This tutorial is so simple and you'll have timeless, classic modern artwork that will be a product of your little one or yourself.

Here's what you need:

-1, 2 or 3 Canvases 12 x 12 (Depending on the size of your wall space and the look you desire.  I always pick the canvases that have the 1" finished canvas sides.  They may be more expensive then the regular canvas boards.  However, when you go to hang your finished work, you won't have to pay the additional cost of the canvas frame bars.  That will easily add an additional, $15.00 or more to your overall cost of the project.  If you can't find canvases with the 1" sides, do use the canvas boards.  They also sell the canvas frame bars at Michael's where you know you can use your 40% off coupon.  Also, here's a tip for you.  If you didn't know, you can use JoAnn coupons at Michael's.  They will only take one per visit though.

- 2  Containers of Acrylic Paint (choose 2 high contrasting colors)
- Foam Paint Brush
- Roll of Painters Tape
- Container For Your Paint
- Newspaper

Here's the 12 x 12 canvas.

Start off with your lightest color first.  If you want to use white, you could skip painting the first layer the lightest color.

Here's my daughter Emma painting the first canvas the lightest color.  It's like a butter cream color.  You will want to use the higher quality acrylic paint for this.  I prefer the Ceramcoat by Delta.  If you go with the least expensive acrylic craft paint, you will have trouble coating the canvas.  Sometimes you will get very thin layers in areas that seem somewhat transparent or you will have to put several layers of paint on the canvas.  Save yourself some time.

After the first color has dried your ready for the next step.  If the paint is not drying fast enough, which it never does for kids, use a hair dryer to speed up the process.  Next, take the painters tape and tear it in half the long way.  You may have to help your child with this part.  Apply the tape and make sure to wrap it around the edges.  Also, make sure to have your child smooth over the tape with their hands a couple of times.

Add your second color which is your darkest.  Paint over the entire canvas.  A tip to learn from our mistake...make sure to thoroughly rinse and dry out your foam brush.  Foam brushes have a tendency to hold a lot of excess water.  You can see here where the paint is very transparent.  So, make sure to squeeeeeeze that foam brush out really well.  Give the darkest color a couple of coats to ensure you have full coverage.

The best part is removing the tape and seeing the results.  Oooooooh!  Emma loved it.

The first painting is finished.  Now, to have Emma complete the other two.  

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  1. wow. Beautiful. My 9 year old granddaughter will like doing this, methinks. Best wishes. Linda

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  9. Quick tip for getting sponge brushes really dry: Hand squeeze them as best you can. When you feel like they are dry, take a paper towel and give it another good squeeze. You'd be surprised how much water comes out still.

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